Welcome at the Christian Artists Academy

Based on the experience of over 30 years of annual christian artists seminars there has been selected a number of professionals, who are masters in their field. In their (artistic) life they have gathered so much knowledge and experience they want to share with younger generations. This spirit of sharing and coaching is the essence of what Christian Artists as an organization is all about. We all believe by doing this, we put the Kingdom of God in practice. This is what Jesus the Christ asks us to do.

If you go to the page: masters per nation, you find listed per nation who are available and offer help.
If you go to the page: select masters per subject, you can hopefully find the coach you need for your questions

In both cases a short text will appear with the name, explaining his/her expertise. You can make direct contact via e-mail and/or via the persons own website
A short question will be for free
But when it comes to longer answers, (skype) consults, or even workshops or masterclasses you are expected to pay fort hat. How much is between you and the ‘master’.
As not every upcoming talent can go to the annual Christian artists seminar (www.christianartists.org) , this academy platform will offer a solution.

If you have any questions, let us know (go to the contact page)

May God bless you in your creative developments
Leen La Rivière