Kathi Hofmann

Kathi Hofmann has been working as a performer, choreographer, teacher and director over the past few years. Born in 1989 in Bavaria, Kathi grew up in the area of Salzburg, Austria. At the age of seven she started with figure skating and went on to ballet and jazz dance one year later. Between the ages of ten and eleven, she went to the Konservatorium Wien, Vienna, to pursue a professional ballet career. She started helping out with teaching at a local dance school near Salzburg from the age of fifteen.
She has been part of the school theatre and acting, devising and performing short plays.
At the age of eighteen she took over her own group at the dance school and taught Jazz Dance to young children and teenagers.
After school Kathi went to England, taking Contemporary Dance classes, as well as private tuition for Acting. She also became part of a theatre group during that time, preparing for a Musical Theatre performance. The following two years she spent studying FdA. Contemporary Theatre Performance at Bournemouth University, England. During those two years, she has been working closely together with Danny Scott and his company Point Zero Physical Theatre, touring to the Prague Fringe Festival, taking part and assisting in workshops around Europe. She also wrote, choreographed and directed for the Bournemouth University Cross Platform Project. Additionally, she acted in several small short film productions.
Currently she is studying BA Physical Theatre at East 15 Acting School, England, as well as organising and giving workshops around Germany.

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