Fanni Völgyessy Szomor

I became the  master singer and teacher that I am today, because I had great teachers and a lot of stage experience. Eventhough I gratuaded in a Jazz school I felt free to use and experiment with different styles. My goal was to sing all of them in their own way. Through writing my own songs and lyrics and working with a variety of great musicians I developed myself in those different styles.

I love to sing and I love people. I would like to help them to find their own style and improve their voice. Sing one song, or sing for half an hour, a lot of people can do that. My goal for my students is to be able to sing for hours and keep their voice in a good condition throughout their lifes. That's why I think it's important to concentrate on technique during a lesson.

As a teacher I approach every student as an individual. Teaching is like a custom made suit, you cannot make one lesson and use the same for everybody. Each student is different, has his own character, his own voice and his own wishes on what he would like to learn.

I do believe that only singing perfectly is not enough on stage. Being able to perform, to get and keep the attention of the audiance is also important to learn. 

Singing should be a natural way to deal with emotions. Your voice is just a tool to express yourself, to show who you really are.

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