Rob Favier

From his early childhood Rob Favier has grown up with music. When he was eighteen he travelled all over Europe with a full-time band. After this he started his studies of theology, which he finished succesfully.
As many people have already found out before, he has a special way of performing: a mixture of songs and stories in which humour is very important. All this without effecting the profound contents of his words: looking for what is really valuable, from the Great News of God discover what we can do with it in our daily life, finding a place as a christian person in a hard world. His lyrics are considered to be "very strong". It's not easy to describe his style of music: from pop to listening songs to cabaret or somewhere in between.
Rob gave many different performances like: congregation meetings, congresses, youth nights and music festivals. He has also participated in various radio and TV programmes.
Rob also leads church meetings. Then he combines the preaching with songs that are related to the theme.

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