Sara Taccardi

Sara - t, or Sara Taccardi, started to sing when she was little more than a child and since then she traveled all over Italy and Europe, working together with some of the most valuable christianartists and musicians of the Italian and international survey.
Sara not only is blessed with a rich and touching voice, but she is also extremely sensitive,
gentle, humble, mature and trustworthy and all these qualities helped her to keep her feet alwayson the ground, well remembering who she is and what are the things that really matter.
"Questa sono io (This is who I am)" marks her debut as a soloist and describes the personality ofthis artist who, for the first time, exposes herself frankly as she is "Insecure, strong headed, pinkand blue, sweet and bitter".
"My desire", Sara says, "was to have an album that anyone would like, to listen in the car or after ahard working day, bringing a message in a simple, honest, clean and clear way." The result are ten songs that pass with the greatest of ease from the acoustic pop of "Eterno (Eternal)" to the latin rhythm of "Lugar Celestial", to pop-rock of "Questa sono io", to romantic ballads of "Quelloche vorrei (My desire)" and "Resterò con te (I’ll be with you)", all bounded together by the voice of this artist who is growing up both personally and professionally. Through them all, Sara shares with all of us her life, made of joy and sorrow, fears, hopes and a certainty coming from a deep faith.
To better understand the message behind "Questa sono io" we have to go back to the time when Sara was a little girl. Grown up in a christian family, she always lived in contact with the values and precepts of the Bible, but it was only when she turned 12 that she fully understood the meaning of the love of God and discovered the way to share it with others through singing and music.
In the summer of 1991, Sara left on tour with international group of Continental Singers, where she learned to sing not only ‘with the mouth’, but also with her heart and body. "I remember", she says, "that during the rehearsal the director would come in front of us with a mirror, showing us the face we were singing with… this was to make us realize how important it was to sing with joy and a big smile!"
In 1995 were born the Gospel Sound, a vocal group made of 4 young talents all Italians who wanted to spread the message of the Gospel through their music. Sara is an official member till 1999, after which she left to take a different road, that brought her, among others, to meet christian singer and songwriter Albino Montisci. "The meeting with Albino was crucial and arrived in a special moment of my life, when I was discouraged and looking for answers". New chapter of Sara’s history begins, made of recording, concerts, travels, emotions, new friendship and important lessons.
I did vocals for the main representative italian christian artists and also for edwin hawkins, ron kenoly, adrian snell, official vocalist of jubilmusic in sanremo, plus opening sessions for michael w smith and rebecca st james concerts in milano.

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