Matthijs van der Feen

Matthijs van der Feen (drums), a master

Matthijs van der Feen (1971), the oldest of eight kids born and raised in Middelburg (The Netherlands), started playing drums at age five on a drumset that happened to be in his parental house and was taught classical percussion. Inspired by their fathers Classical and Jazz records, Matthijs and his brothers Mark (piano), Paul (sax) and Clemens (bass) and sister Priscilla (vocals) began making music together. In the following decades the "Feenbrothers" (and sister) performed on many locations in the Netherlands and Europe. A.o. a few times at the North Sea Jazzfestival. They won multiple awards at competitions and produced CD’s. Nowadays, besides playing with his brothers, Matthijs is drummer in multiple bands with different styles, is co-leader of Jazz-sessions for young-talent and played among others with Bert van de Brink, Louis van Dijk, Paula Morelenbaum and Lilian Vieira (Zuco103). Matthijs taught and performed at Christian Artists 2013.



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