Noemie Daval

Noemie Daval was born in 1988. She first studied fashion design in the parisian school Duperre, and assisted different actors involved in this field, in ready-to-wear studios, photography, trend studio…
Few years later, she learned object design in a famous engineer university near Paris, Ecole Normale Superieure.
After her studies and her working experiences, she tried to cross the disciplines and progressively, she turned to global art.
Her projects interrogates relations between human and environment, perceptions, emotions… Although she appreciates classical mediums, she mostly uses new technologies to perform.

She is involved in the christian community as an illustrator : for one year she collaborated with a french protestant newspaper 'Presence Protestante', and currently, with an editing house 'Editions Passiflores', based in the south of France, which published, among other things, a series of drawings for a Kamishibai (small wooden theatre from Japan).

My projects are available on my website :

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