Ingemar Olsson

Ingemar Olsson’s music is contemporary pop/rock and his lyrics present a unique combination of wit, seriousness and personality. He has recorded more than 20 albums, has toured all over the world and has written 200 songs, one book and two musicals. A number of his songs have appeared on radio hit lists and one – I Hope You Know That You’re Invaluable - has landed in the official Swedish Hymn Book
Ingemar Olsson’s father was a church minister, who occasionally also led services and gatherings in the Stockholm State Prison. Young Ingemar often accompanied him and performed his music for the prisoners. As a
professional artist, Ingemar has stayed open for combining his public concerts with prison performances.
Ingemar has always worked with some of the world’s finest musicians, such as Elvis Presley’s pianist … ABBA’s guitarist … Paul Simon’s drummer and Michael Jackson’s back-up singers. But even solo on stage – with only his voice, guitar or keyboard – his melodies, his lyrics and his personality speak strongly enough.

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