Silviu Ispas

Born in Radauti (RO) at March 5th 1967, Silviu Ispas followed his parents in changing the living location at Cluj in late 1973. So, all the education was accomplished in Cluj. He graduate the high school “Emil Racovita” in 1981 and just after he become student at Politechnical Institute for Cluj-Napoca. Five years later (1990) he graduate and become manufacturing engineer.
The first working place was also in Cluj-Napoca at “Tehnofrig” (a factory producing equipments for the food industry). Initially doing his profession – manufacturing engineer, he did some specializations in quality management, including a master in Quality Assurance. Later he was in charge for the Quality Management System at “Tehnofrig”. The QMS was between the first certificated by TUV Certification Body in Romania (1994).
In 1995, he applied for project lead by social partners from Belgium, Luxemburg and France in Romania in order to build a training and consultancy structure being able to provide expertise to the Romanian’social partners. After one year of complex training in Romania and Luxemburg, SIlviu Ispas was selected to lead the Institutul de Formare Economica si Sociala first team.
The orientation of IFES (set up in October 1996) to a performant approach of economic and social issues within a really complex situation in Romanian economy and society was the key by which the new organization become useful for the companies and organizations in Romania. This professional environment led Silviu Ispas to improve his competencies : project management, health and security at work place, social and civic dialogue, adult pedagogy.
Between 2000 and 2006, SIlviu Ispas was deeply involved in the development of the social dialogue in Romania. He organized and lectured in various conferences and seminar all over Romania. Another topic for that period was the preparation of the Romanian society for the new reality of being EU member.
Another topic very closed to Silviu Ispas is in relation with the Christian Social concept. Contacts with various organizations, events organized all over Romania, exchanges with important personalities from different European countries are only the landmarks of the activities in this regard.
As a consequence of the intensive work done since 2002 within the EZA network, in 2008, SIlviu Ispas become member of the Executive Board of this pan-european structure gathering organizations from more than 20 countries. This position was renewed in 2012 once again.
From 2012, Silviu Ispas is member in the Romanian National Committee for the EU Structural Funds.
A synthetic view of Silviu Ispas work in the last 16 years shows the management of more than 100 educational projects, more than 3000 hours of delivered lectures, more than 50 presentations during international events.

Silviu Ispas is married since 1998 with Nita. Together they have two children: Claudia (b. 1998) and Catalin (b. 2000).

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