Peter.J Noble

Peter J. Noble

As a Song Writer/Performer/producer for the past 20 years Peter has been interested in refining and developing his songwriting to communicate humour, emotion and to tell a story.
For the last 4 years he has also worked in commercial music providing sound tags and indent music.
For the past eight years he has lectured in Creative skills for University of the Highlands and Islands.(UHI)  on campus and within a virtual environment to students based all over Scotland. This has provided him with unique opportunities to develop and support the creative expression of others.
As lead in developing the concept of the Virtual Residency for the Applied Music Course he has supported the development of international creative collaborations within Europe and Australia . Peter is also involved in a Digital Health and Care institute project which is developing a prototype for a therapeutic electronic musical tool for use within families, schools and residential care.
In 2015 Peter was chosen by students as the most inspiring lecturer in the UHI.

Country:United Kingdom
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