Tobias Kerkhoven

Tobias Kerkhoven
I am Tobias Kerkhoven. Since playing
electric guitar from the age of 15 I have
been active in several bands. I started out
playing in rock, praise, funk and
coverbands. In 2009 I graduated (bachelor
of music) from the conservatory in Zwolle,
the Netherlands.
Besides electric guitar I play lapsteel,
synths, taperecorders and theremin. I am
active in the band Ode to the Quiet. I also
produce and arrange mostly alternative
music, ambient and soundscapes. My
greatest passion is to make my instrument
sound as unique, eccentric or
unrecognizable as possible.
Nils Frahm, James Blake, Jon Hopkins, Arnold Schönberg and Radiohead are my
biggest inspirations.
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