Rivelino Rigters

BlackRockStar: Rivelino Rigters
Urban Rock Artist bringing Heavy Soul
BlackRockStar (38) is singer/songwriter, book author
and talent-coach Rivelino Rigters. From his 14th
he began with writing lyrics inspired by acts such as
Public Enemy, Ice Cube and Michael Jackson. On his 16th
he found God after spending a long time of this teenage years
in streetgangs and groups dealing and stealing to make a living.
Music and a relationship with Jesus were his rescue and at a youth meeting
where he saw a young gospelgroup named the Go Gang perform, that's when he knew he wanted to become an artist for God. This group mixed all of his favorite music styles such as rock, hiphop and reggae which inspired his style called Heavy Soul.
After spending quite some time under the wings and supervision of several well known gospel groups and performing in the Netherlands and big parts of Europe he decided to start his full time solo career as rapper/singer-songwriter and social entrepreneur in 2006.  That same year he also founded the LOUD Foundation, an organisation trough which he helps underprivileged youths increase their self esteem by following- and giving workshops and talent-devolopment courses. In 2006 he got his first invitation from World Vision to visit East-Africa as a music-ambassador to give workshops to hid-orphans and ex-child soldiers. He used music as a tool to help these youngsters express their feelings and experiences in a positive way. This was a life changing and inspiring experience for Rigters that motivated him to work even harder for his dreams and calling as a human being, artist and entrepeneur.
In the following years he received accolades in the form of being chosen as Serious Talent on Dutch radio-station 3FM, he won the Heineken Heidepop Award and he got selected to take part in the ‘Getalenteerd’ project that was initiated by the Dutch department for Education, Culture and Science giving him his own produced radio commercial which got airplay over 320 times on Radio 538 and FunX Radio. This was followed up by tours trough Italy and the UK.
In 2012 he contributed to three books which include the Street Bible, part 2 and 3, "Genesis" and "David" and “God is niet wit”. For all of these books he made a special theme song that included a special music video. He also lent his cooperation to a theatre-piece that was based upon the book “David”. In August 2015 he released his first book  “Lifestyle” and May 2016 he released his latest EP "Heavy Soul Chronicles". Currently he is on tour with his first theatre-show, "Stories of a Blackrockstar" in which he shares his life stories and lessons visiting youth prisons, schools, and regular theaters. For more about Rivelino "Blackrockstar" Rigters check www.blackrockstar.com


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