Alexandra Smith

Alexandra Smith from Fabel is a writer, storytelling coach and theatre-maker. Many TEDx-speakers, entrepreneurs and authors seek her advice as she knows how to touch an audience with a personal story. She did so herself: with her book 100 dagen dankbaarheid, dagboek van een zzp’er in crisistijd she inspired a lot of independent professionals. It is an honest story about the struggles she endures during a quest of doubling her monthly income within 100 days. Soon as it came out, media started covering her story and she was asked to give a TEDx-talk and became the ambassador of ZZP Nederland. Experience with radio, television, theatre and advertising company’s makes Alexandra an all-round communicator. She also writes columns and interviews for and numerous websites.

‘If you’re ready for the stars, don’t shoot for the moon’

Alexandra grew up in the ghetto of Amsterdam. After graduating she wanted one thing badly: to work at a radio station. Without experience it took two years and a lot of application letters to finally get in a big radio station. There she soon started inventing and selling radio campaigns.
When she was 26 she decided to follow up on another dream: going to university and study Dutch language and (soon combined with) theatre science. She completed both studies, the latter with honors (cum laude).
Afterwards she decided that being an entrepreneur was the only way to truly combine all of her passions. So she started her own company and later developed her unique storytelling method. If Alexandra is not training or coaching people with their story, you will find her in front of the camera as a model, actress or host - always having a lot of fun.

A sparkling enthusiasm makes Alexandra a great speaker. Her multicultural, authentic look appeals to a great audience. With in depth knowledge about storytelling, personal leadership and entrepreneurship you can easily put Alexandra in front of any audience – whether it is academic, business like or social.

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