Junus Manuputtij

His fingers rage like fools across staves and creates sounds which are full of imagination. (bio VORM – 1999)” … and since then not much has changed. Junus Manuputtij is a pianist who has been accompanying many artists in telling their musical story. His own story was released with the debut album “The Story of a Child” (Ecovata, 2012) which in 2013 was awarded with a Silver Dove Award for the best instrumental album. “An exciting composition of Gospel, Groovy Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, HipHop and old Hymns” (Nederlands Dagblad). During the Christian Artist seminar 2018, Junus will take the audience through a piece of his life’s journey so far in which music and faith have been playing a very important role. “Honest and sincere, high quality music which tells THE message in a great way” (visitor concert).

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