Hans Inge Fagervik

After over 40 years as singer-songwriter artist, Hans Inge Fagervikneset equally active on the concert front as before. This past year, he has toured across the country, from Vadso to Flekkefjord, and held concerts in Holland and Denmark.

Hans-Inge public concerts in the last two years have had love that theme, with songs that are largely taken from the album, THE FINEST ROOMS. It is his 15th Annual publication, in addition to everything he attended along with others. CD came out 30 years after his first release.  Hans Inge Fagervikneset has become a mature man who has experienced much. And since he has been one of the most active artists in Norway for all these years, and there are not many places in the country he has not visited.

He has done such diverse things as leading roles in musicals, club concerts, cultural, jail and church concerts. Many festivals have also been, from the Faroe Islands to New Zealand, from Trænafestivalen to Multival in Barcelona. Yes throughout 25 different countries he has performed his music.
He has been on everything from great scenes (Globen in Stockholm / Octobrzcy Petersburg / De Doelen in Rotterdam) to small community on Voice and Vinje. And when the UN held its major Safe Community Conference in 2005, he was the only artist in the program.

E-mail: hans.inge.fagervik@gmail.com
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