Francis Mean

Born in 1952, studied at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts St Luc à Liège,   started his career in 1977, after obtaining the Prix Philippe d’Arschot, with exhibitions in France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria,   Canada and the United States.
Francis Méans artworks (sculptures in bronze, oil-paintings, etchings and jewellery in silver) are sold since 1978 all over the world. He is represented by international publishers.  You can find his artwork in important national and international art galleries, companies, museums, private collections and at the Belgian Court.
He always tries out new ways of working but keeps his own style. Through the years his work became more explosive, colourful and passionate. He makes personages in bronze that represent the joy of life and the art of living from day to day. But even in his sculpture the colours are part of the work. They are the smile of his art-painting, the refreshment of his sculptures. Francis is part of the team ZeMag (, a Christian broadcasting, with a weekly rubric about art and faith.  Once a year he loves bringing an overview of the art history at CA!

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