Frieder Jost

Frieder Jost, Guitar Vocals

Music styles: pop, rock, soul/gospel, folk, jazz, classical
Born: 1961 in Siegen, married, one daughter.

Profession:: musician

Between 1976 and 1989 he played approx. 1250 concerts all over Europe with the group "Damaris Joy".
This was followed by live performances and recording sessions with various national and international musicians, such as: Paul Field(singer/songwriter), Edwin Hawkins ,Steve Archer ,Susan Ashton ,Billy and Sarah Gains, Barry McGuire, Jessey Dixon, Cae Gauntt, the Helmut Jost Band, David Thomas, Dieter Falk, G.G. Anderson, Mathew Ward , Joakim Arenius (Joybells), Tore W.Aas (Oslo Gospel Choir), Louisiana Red, Edo Zanki, Terry Clark, Andrae Crouch, Curt Carr, Bob Singleton, Assiria (Pele`s wife), Danny Plett, at festivals (e.g. Flevo Festival in Holland, Seaside Festival, Norway.), on tours, at concerts and in the studio, as well as with local bands and musicians.Over the years, he has amassed a total of around 2,300 performances and about 420 CDs, LPs, MCs etc. with numerous musicians, including some of those mentioned above.

In addition to his main activity as a guitarist, he also works as a (backing) vocalist, composer, arranger, producer and runs workshops. 
Since 1995 he has also been touring, in the studio and on TV with the "Händel meets Pop" (Messiah) project. In autumn 1999, he was the guitarist on the "Peter Hofmann/Anna Maria Kaufmann" tour of Germany, as well as taking a role as guitarist, singer and band leader for the Pop Oratorium „Ewigkeit fällt in die Zeit.“ Since the spring of 2001, he has been on stage regularly with his new band „SUGAR&SPICE“ and their repertoire of soul, funk and R`n`B covers. From 2003-2005 he was part of the "Damaris Joy" revival and since then, Frieder Jost has been playing with his brother Helmut on various projects, including the group „Gospelfire“. Frieder Jost has also played and sung in studio sessions for a number of commercial spots (Ford, Deichmann, Mobilat, Mitsubishi, Lada, Saturn, Audi, Ex-Norm-Haus, etc.). He also teaches guitar in private lessons.

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