David & Carolyn Fitzgerald

I am a master musician, known for work on sax.For my tuition work there are pages of information regarding my private teaching practice & work within schools here in Norfolk. I am a registered and full member of the ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) and the Musicians Union. My masters include music: classical, jazz/improvisation, secular pop/rock, gospel/praise/worship, music history,theory, composing and arranging

Regarding my playing work, I am shortly to play at this year's Greenbelt Festival (with the founding fathers 'The Fat Band', once named 'All Things New') and also for an acoustic set with Graham Kendrick). This year is the 40th Anniversary and so it will be good to return to this unique event & to meet with many friends once again. Please do explore the pages that cover my my long association and touring/recording work with the musician & composer Adrian Snell and subsequent discoveries of the Celtic origins of the Christian faith within these Islands. Also, please click the link for IONA (under the heading Performance & Recording) to find out more about this very significant part of my journey. It is my intention to work further on these writings in due course & to share something more of the journey across the years.

Recently a recording, which was made by Mark Fleeson on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and features music from a new recording by Dave Bainbridge (co-founder of IONA) & myself, called 'Life Journey'. Also, do visit Mark & Mary's website at Lindisfarne Scriptorium and discover more on this project and also what amazing creativity is taking place on Holy Island today.

Country:United Kingdom
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