Leen La Riviere

Leen is a master, having appr. 50 years of professional experience. The number of theatre productions, concerts, exhibitions, christian artists seminars, continental ministries is endless. He produced over 100 LP's/CD's in his life time too. Wrote 28 books about youth, faith, arts, culture, communication, leadership and such in dutch. A series of 7 are being translated in several languages as they are vital for personal development, groups, churches and culture. Is regularly speaker at seminars and conferences accross Europe and beyond. Has been from 1989-2013 chairman of the national christian trade union for arts and culture.Was founder of the European Continentals in 1970 and still chairman of www.continentalministries.org . Since the beginning in 1981 the driving force behind the annual Christian Artists Seminar, see www.christianartists.org 

In 1999 the Queen of the Netherlands knighted him for all his impressive contributions to the world of the arts and culture

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