Dingeman J. Coumou

Dingeman Coumou, a versatile and experienced guitarist / lute player, has been giving many concerts in churches and pubs, concert halls and clubs, studio’s and living rooms, catering industries and galleries. For churches and meetings
Dingeman plays a program of chorals on the lute, arranged gospel songs on guitar and Christian based concert literature. For concerts in a cultural context the program includes: renaissance and baroque music on lute, classical and romantic repertoire, as well as arrangements of jazz standards (including bossa nova) on classical guitar. Both complete programmes and the realisation of specific program parts are possibilities. More information and mp3 demo’s can
be found on my website www.coumou.nl. Free downloads of my compositions and educational materials as well. With mutual agreement an allowance will be fixed.           As well a master in the field of music-theory teaching...

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