Hannes Laszakovits

I play Double Bass (Kontrabass) and Electric Bass Guitar

I hold a Diploma of Music Education from the Vienna Music University (Wiener Musikhochschule, at the time) from 1989
My academic grade is called "Magister artium", (would equal a master of arts, nowadays)
I also hold a Diploma in Jazz Composition and Arrangement from the Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität (Konservatorium Wien, at the time) from 1985

Why I am professional in the mentionen fields:

I have decades of a successful career in playing double and electric bass in Jazz, Pop, Rock, and various Folk and Ethnic Music styles (the latter mostly Balkans, Pannonian, Croatian, and Hungarian music). I have a thorough understanding of both music theory (mostly from Jazz) and, most important, the supporting role of the bass player in any band. We are there to make the other musicians feel good, to give them the security and support to enable them to do their thing. We bass players are at the communication centerpoint of rhythm (groove), harmony, and melody.

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