Lucy Jarasius

Lucy Jarasius:

Meet me and you, as a prospective student or mentoree, will connect with over 20 years experience teaching a fusion of techniques, including classical, modern, jazz, folk, free expression, dramatic interpretive/improvisational styles, basic fitness principles and community drama exercises to both children and adults of various social and ethnic backgrounds, as well as a history of solo dancework performance and admission as a Member of the International Dance Council – CID (UNESCO).

Qualifications from
International Institute for Creative Ministries, IICM – Advanced Certificate in Creative Ministries majoring in Dance and Production);
University of Western Sydney – GDApplied Social Sciences (Adult Education) Distinction;
NSW TAFE – Certificate IV course in Assessment and Workplace Training;
Western Sydney Community Education – Accidental Counsellor, proved invaluable along with on-the-job learning, as I pioneered Live, Move, Be! A course covering a diverse range of subjects including Choreography, Improvisation, and contemporary issues whilst voluntarily serving the international Christian dance community in Australia CDFA (1992-98); and internationally ICDF (1997 – current);  Joint-Co-ordinator of the ICDF Network for Creative Arts and Social Concern (2006-2013); and as ICDF Travelling Associate (2009-present).

Invitations over the years have afforded me many opportunities to work in various administrative, educational  and consultative capacities for a range of Local, State, National, and International dance and cultural gatherings… ranging from indigenous people projects to international conferences involving representatives from 40 countries.

Currently seeking avenues to further MA Community Development studies commenced through ACOM (Sydney College of Divinity), and with experience of working with the Australian Aboriginal community and a recent trip to Palestine, I am exploring the development of educational, incarnational missional learning experiences and projects involving peace-building and the arts.

I love working with people and facilitating creative, holistic, and community transformational learning through the arts!

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