Bill Stevenson

BILL STEVENSON, master in performing arts and much more    31-(0)6-48266395
MUSIC:  Currently a worship leader and lead vocalist.  Gives vocal technique classes to develop singers for other worship teams.  Lead singer in the 1990s for the Sony recording artists, “Willy and His Giants.”
STAGE ACTING:  On Broadway in “Keepers,” 2010.  2011-1012 U.S. National Tour of “Fiddler on the Roof.”   Principal role in “The Power of Listening,” winner of The Netherlands’ “Prix de Rome 2009.”  Major roles in over 30 productions.
TELEVISION:  Has appeared in various Dutch television programs but mostly in international commercials.  In 2011, had two, national commercials in America.
TEACHER OF ACTING:  Has taught at various levels. Currently has two former students performing at a world class level.
SONGWRITING:  Has written songs for his own secular bands and has corrected the English on other artists’ texts, such as for Gordon.
PLAYWRITING:  Has written and directed productions based on the classics, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Continues to write small-cast, Christian musicals and plays.
DIRECTING/ORGANIZING:  Has directed very many church and school productions, including their lighting, sound and promotion. 
TECHNICAL:  Has done set design, construction, lighting, sound and scenic painting.  Especially adept at designing sound, particularly when it comes to adjusting a frequency equalizer to the requirements of differing performing spaces.
PREACHING:  His comedic gospel magic has made him a frequently-invited preacher in the city-wide youth ministry prayer nights in The Hague.  Also uses this medium for children’s ministry on a regular basis.
JOURNALIST/EDITOR:  Has edited texts for Dutch organizations and individuals’ theses for university.   Award winning journalist from the Kentucky Press Association and the El Paso Press Association.
PHOTOGRAPHER:  Recent work mostly actor headshots.  Former newspaper and wedding photographer.

Website:http://billyholly 7 youtube
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