Pekka Simojoki

I have been working as a songwriters for 35 years. I am known particularly for composing contemporary Christian music including several masses, musicals and a great number of songs. I have also started and headed several Finnish Christian music groups during the years. Today, I lead the well known gospel-rock band EXIT and the gospel choir EtCetera. I was first inspired to write music very early on in Namibia, Africa, where my parents worked there as missionaries for eight years (1964-1973).

During the years I have written about 700 songs and I have published and edited several different songbooks and have recorded about 50 albums with different ensembles. The albums contain different kinds of music from children's songs and hymns to rock and praise. My songs have also been translated to many languages and have been published in songbooks of different churches all over the world. A compilation CD of the 'songs of silence' has been recorded in ten languages, including Russian and Arabic. The newest album in English named Nordic Praise was published in 2014. I have also performed with different groups in several other countries. The latest tours I have made in USA, Namibia, China and Israel.

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