Emil Dobriban

Emil is a master:

1-      Why Painting? During University I was awarded with the largest grants for students, for maximum results in all disciplines. I graduated in first place the picture department with recommendations for research work and teaching in higher education. After the graduation I won several awards in national competitions and exhibitions of painting professionals. The most important distinction is the Artists Union of Romania Scholarship, which is awarded to a single painter, once a year.
I have paintings in museums by competitions in Romania, Bac%u0103u Art Museum, or “Collection World Trade Center” Bucharest,  and abroad such “The contemporary art museum”, Dunaiska Streda, Slovakia. I was invited to paint in workshops in the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Spain. I was invited to teach a month, “Color Study course” at private Art Academy, Warsaw, Poland for the second and third years of study. I was invited to lead several workshops for young students or student’s nonprofessionals interested in pictorial arts secrets.

2-       In what fields:
I am specialized in painting. I think that the color is a means of expression and artistic research.
  Mastered and taught to students of any age:
- Figurative styles, Renaissance, Impressionist, Expressionist and abstract style.
- Technique tempera, acrylic, or oil, making various rigid substrates wood, or flexible, paper, cardboard, canvas.              -Elements of visual language underlying expression and perspectival realist genre painting Renaissance; Baroque chiaroscuro monochrome; Impressionist based on color contrasts;  the Colors perspective by applying the principles of Bauhaus and German expressionism; Gestural and geometric abstract painting.

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