Antoine Tronquo

Antoine Tronquo was born in 1966 and after the secondary school, he completed the music humanities and the higher division of the Lemmensinstitute in Louvain. (Organclass: J. Laleman) There he obtained first prices for solfège, written-, and practical harmony, organ, harpsichord and the didactical competence certificates.

In the meantime, he also attended several masterclasses of among others: J. Huys, H. Schoonbroodt, J. Boyer; and also with A.M. Thomas in the "Giles Internat. Organschool" in London, for the performance of the English organmusic. His consistently attending the seminaris "Ancient Music Practice" with the authority of Erik Van Nevel, was crucial for his stylistic and esthetical formation as to early music.

In ensemble, he regularly plays the Basso Continuo. So he was for example the continuo player in many Bach-concerts at the Lemmensinstitute.

As a teacher he's member of several academies for music.
He was also for two years assistant for improvisation-practical accompaignment in the organclass of the Royal Conservatory of Luik (Belgium).

His practical experience with regard to concerts comprises among others:
Solo-recitals in different organcycles in Belgium: "Young Talent" in the Tongerlo abbey, St. Gummarus - Lier, Anzegem, Brussels, 'Orgel na de noen' at the Metzler-organ, cathedral of Antwerp. In combination with renowned ensembles: "Il Solisti del Vento" - "Haydn quartet" - "Brussels Cathedral Choir": Capella S. Michaellis.
A.T. played also in other countries: Vlaardingen - Big Church (Holland), Steinfeld - Basilica (Germany) and Koszalin - Cathedral (Poland), in the XXVIIth "Miedzynarodowy Festival Organowy" (august 1993).

Antoine Tronquo obtained the 'Diplôme Superieur' for organ in the class of Anne Froidebise at the 'Royal Conservatory' of Luik and the "Diplôme de Virtuosité" in the "Schola Cantorum" - Paris, in the classes of M. Ls. Jacquet-Langlais and J. P. Imbert.

At the 6th Internat. Organcompetition in Italy (province Rimini) he obtained the 3rd price laureate-finalist. In collaboration with Marie-Anne Dachy he created the formation "Sinfonie Musicali", to play music for two harpsichords.

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