Gorg Mallia

Gorg has been a lecturer at several universities. A professional in writing, illustrating, public speaking and presentations, etc.

He's has been a teacher at the Christian Artists Seminars.

He lectures in printing and desktop publishing technologies, graphic design, personal presentation techniques, illustration, and graphic narrative and storytelling. He is researching the narrative methodologies of comics, graphic novels and other visual narratives. He is also working on understanding better the way that immersion in new media technologies have affected the way we live and think - concentrating particularly on the use of Social Networking in Educational Practice. More information about his areas of expertise and research can be found here: http://www.gorgmallia.com/Academic.htm, and this is a link to a book he has edited on social network use in education: http://www.gorgmallia.com/TheSocialClassroom.htm.

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