Gerdien van Delft-Rebel

I'm a Dutch visual artist and illustrator, educated at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts and the Graphic Lyceum. Since 2003 I'm running my own business, Studio Rebel, making illustrations for magazines, newspapers but also wedding announcements, logo's etc. For my illustrations and graphics I use the programs: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Developing a concept plays an important role in both commissioned and autonomous work. Depending on the concept I choose a technique or material, so you'll discover different techniques in my works. Painting, drawing, (photo)collage but also recycle materials as: paper, plastic bags, cloths, socks etc.

My autonomous work at the moment is dominated by 'My Daily Circle': A visual study of the circle. For me, the circle stands for: Embrace, protection, safety, space, freedom, connection and concentration. The place where it all happens. Or as you prefer: God in me.

You can follow this daily journey at

I simply want to offer images that will, I hope, challenge people to think about the world beyond the image, and maybe even about God. Working as an artist, I like to create. Because He began.You can have a look at my digital gallery: or

1978 Born in Hilversum, Netherlands

Lives and works in Hilversum, Netherlands
1997-1999 Visualising, Graphic Lyceum Utrecht
1999-2003 Illustration, Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam
2003 Zilveren Kei Prijs, (Silver Cobble Stone Award) Gooi en Omstreken
2011 Wing Award, CNV kunstenbond, audience award
2013 Museum Hilversum, NL
2012 Grote Kerk Leeuwarden, NL
2011 Galerie GSA, Hilversum, NL
2010/2012 Reizende Expositie, NL
2009 Laurenskerk Weesp, NL
2009 Grote- of Barbarakerk Culemborg, NL
2008 Grote Kerk Leeuwarden, NL
2008 Laurenskerk Weesp, NL
2004 Galerie GSA, Hilversum, NL
2003 Galerie GSA, Hilversum, NL

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