Talitha Nawijn

Talitha sang before she could talk.
At the age of sixteen she fell in love with jazz music and a year later she also fell in love with Jesus.
She studied Jazz Vocals at the conservatory and is Certified Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training.
She combines jazz and gospel which you can hear on her three solo albums.
In her vocal studio ‘The Voicelab’ she trains singers to perform with freedom and a healthy vocal technique.
She performs as a singer,  conducts a black gospel choir, leads worship at conferences and does workshops on several topics.
She worked with Adrian Snell, the 'Ronduit Praiseband', the ‘Opwekkingband', klezmer band ‘Mazzeltov' and kids musical company
‘De Vliegende Speeldoos’. www.talithanawijn.nl

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