Marta Jakobovits

About my mastercraft

Working in my studio and teaching in the same time at different levels, including universities, for more than 40 years  permited me to gather  comprehensive knowledge in the field of Ceramics and Paper Art.  Durind the years my interest and passion for  expressing  myself through the language of the materials, to understand the secrets of the materials  and their possibilities has steadily increased.

I give lectures and I make workshops as invited artist in ceramics and in paper art / also in hand-made paper/ at universities and at different institutions dealing with art-education.  It could be mentioned my regular courses of Paper Art achieved at the University  Partium from Oradea /Romania/ and  my Ceramic courses at the West University Timisoara /Romania/, my workshops at the International Ceramic Studio Kecskemet /Hungary/, at the Christian Artists Seminar /Holland, Germany/, at the Cultural Center Posticum /Romania/.

Participating at  important professional exhibitions  at national and international level  like the `Céramique roumaine aujourdhui` 2009 in Paris, or the European Ceramic Context 2010 in Denmark  and at many others in Faenza, Vallauris,  Perugia, and Japan and so an – resulted in  prices and awards like the Noemi Ferenczy Price from the hungarian Cultural Ministry,  the Romanian Artists Union`s Price  and others.

In 2006 I have got my doctorate degree / DLA – Doctor of Liberal Arts/  at the University  of Arts and Design in Budapest.
As a recognition of my professional activity I had been elected as a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts / / from Budapest.

I am very grateful  that this rewarding activity is my destiny, adding a special meaning to my life.

                                                 Marta Jakobovits /DLA/
                                   Member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts

Awards and recognitions:
Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit, from the president of Hungary, 2013
The Price FERENCZY NOÉMI of the Cultural Heritage and Human Resources Ministry, Hungary,2011
Diploma of Excellence of the  Romanian Cultural Ministry, 2010
The  Price of the Ceramic  Arts of The Romanian Artists Union, 2007
The Award of Excellence of the Townhall Oradea, 2004
The Award of the Hungarian Culture, 2004 
Körösi Csoma Sándor-Award, 2002
Szolnay Sándor-Award, 1994

Research-Scolarship of the Hungarian Cultural Ministry, 1998

Research-Scolarship  of  the Soros Foundation for an Open Society - 1992
Honorable Mention - MINO '89 - Japán
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