Nina Aström

Nina Åström is a lover of God, of people and of good music. Her  pop-folk style has been influenced by artists like James Taylor, The  Carpenters, Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Warnes.

In 1991 she recorded her first album ‘Person 2 Person’ with Martin Kantola, in an acoustic-style with mostly her own compositions.
In 1992 she began to work collaboratively with Dutch promoter and lyricist, Gerrit aan’t Goor who became her manager. They produced 6 albums and several other projects together.
‘A Matter of Time’ and ‘Moods’ both released in mid 90’s were recorded in Nashville/USA., in the studio of Buddy Miller. Buddy is well known as a guitar player and producer for artists like Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant and Linda Ronstadt and his wife Julie Miller. Among those who participated in this recording were Phil Keaggy and Buddy & Julie Miller.
Nina’s fourth CD, ‘A Friend’ was recorded in Holland in 1999 with Italian producer and musician Luca Genta and Dutch musicians such as Ralph van Manen. Nina and Gerrit aan’t Goor wrote the majority of the music and lyrics.

Nina won the Finnish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm in May 2000 with the song ‘A Little Bit’. The CD ”A Little Bit of Love”, which includes the Song Contest entry, was released the same year along with ”Vierelle jäät”, the Finnish version of “A Friend”.

“Merry Christmas Jesus” was released in 2001 and launched witha tour of the same name with Dutch artists in Holland Dec. 2001, 2002 and 2004.
In 2003 ”Real Life” was released. Real Life was, for most part, recorded by Martin Kantola in Finland though songwriting with Gerrit aan’t Goor continued. Among contributors for “Real Life” are Dani Strömbäck, Kaarle Mannila and Phil Keaggy. 2007 “Lansdcape of my soul” was released, produced by Nina. 2010 saw a new album “The way we are”, recorded in London and produced by Dan Weeks and Matt Weeks (

Nina has worked in almost 30 countries. From the beginning of the 2000′s she has also performed extensively in prisons (mainly in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltics). Partnering on these trips has been Kansan Raamattuseura from Finland (Ilkka Puhakka) and ACCR/Prison Ministry in Russia (YanVolkov).

Nina has acted as a Unicef Goodwill ambassador in her native city of Karleby and the province of Central Ostrobothnia. Nina, together with the other two ambassadors, released an album Kun aika on – Nu är det dags.

Nina has had numerous appearances on radio programs and TV in different countries. One major project was the ”Christmas Calendar”(24 episodes)of FST (Finland)1996, where Nina starred.

During the last few years, Nina has also contributed to prayer and devotional books released in Finland and has begun to develop more her own lyric writing, represented strongly on her two most recent cd’s “Landscape of my soul”( 2007) and “The way we are”(2010). A new Finnish album “Avoin taivas” will be released this year (2012) through Aikamedia. This is a special project with lyrics by Hilja Aaltonen and most compositions by Hannu Huhtala.

Over the years the voice, music and warm personality of Nina Åström have been appreciated by both fans and fellow musicians. Her songs are written from a Christian perspective . Through the years it has become increasingly important for Nina to be able to communicate the grace of Jesus; not only through the songs that she writes and performs, but also through spoken and written word.

Passing on the skill and experience that has rubbed off on her has become very important – in different countries Nina teachers seminars and does coaching/mentoring on what it means to be a Christian communicator/artist.

Nina continues to perform in live concerts and media in different countries, as well as in her native Finland. The musicians that she mostly collaborates with are Kaarle Mannila (percussions, vocals) and Kimmo Suomela (guitars).

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