John David Fletcher

Master in the field of teaching and performing (solo and chamber music) on classical guitar and the 11 strings altoguitar; and making musical arrangements.

John Fletcher - Guitarrist performing and recording for over 20 years. JF plays Classical Guitar and 11 string Altoguitar (Altgitarren).

JF studied classical guitar with Lopes e Silva, Piñeiro Nagy, António Gonçalves, Dejan Ivanovich, Gunnar Spjuth and Göran Söllscher as professors in Portugal (Lisbon) and Sweden (Malmö). And also in masterclasses with David Russell, Hopkinson Smith, Rolf Lislevand, Costas Cotsiolis, Darko Petrinjak, Joaquín Clerch, Hubert Käppel, Carlo Marchione, Marco Socías, Robert Brightmor, Javier Hinojosa and Turibio Santos.
JF studied Jazz at Hot Club de Portugal, with Mário Delgado and Pedro Madaleno as his teachers.

In 2011 JF completed a Masters in Music Education, at the Instituto Piaget de Almada, during which he developed an important research on the music activity in the protestant churches in Lisbon in-between 1945 and 1965. (“A prática musical nas comunidades protestantes em Lisboa entre 1945 e 1965“)

In addition to regularly performing solo and chamber music concerts, and participating on recordings of various musical styles, JF also makes musical arrangements, and is involved in projects covering different musical styles:
Jogralesca - group dedicated to recreating the music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance in historical instruments;
Orquestra de Jazz Humanitária - Jazz Big Band directed by Claus Nymark;
Coro Gospel de Azeitão - Gospel Choir.
Omaira - a project which features original songs sung in Portuguese, accompanied mostly by acoustic instruments
Presentations on the guitar evolution - in collaboration with the Luthier Orlando Trindade.
Duos - with Fausto Corneo (clarinetist), Eurico Cardoso (violinist), and Teresa Ferraz (singer).

Currently, JF is developing new repertoire for the 11 string Altoguitar, in collaboration with renowned composers in Portugal.

Along with his concert activity JF has been dedicated to teaching classical guitar at music conservatories, and currently teaches at the Conservatoire Regional de Setúbal, Conservatório Regional de Palmela.

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