Pier Didoni

I  can help you about CD production. I opened ten years ago a company with one guy about CD production.  Topics: differents. We worked on Christian productions as request by catholic/Christian company/association, and secular companies

Some Published Productions:

-          Lavigna and Provesi teachers of Giuseppe Verdi - 1999

-          Rorate coeli (Coro Musical Chapel of Duomo Cathedral of Milan)- 2003

-          Brother musicians plays Giuseppe Verdi’s organ - 2005

-          Verdi Requiem (piano and organ version) original version for organ and piano transcrived by Alfred Lebeau  - 2007

-          Peace (Christmas message) (inspiration for the creation of this Christmas CD of Peace) – 2005

-          Jubilate Deo (25 years of polyphonic sacred music)

-          Grandi Viaggi (pop/rock)


Some Compositions:


-          Alza la voce con forza (music composed as soundtrack on voice of Pope Joan Paul II) – 2004

-          Re-collage (David Jackson – van Der Graaf generator) Tony Pagliuca – Massimo Donà Quintet)

-          The World of Hemingway - soundtrack (Movie Festival of Cannes 2012)

-          Limbo (in duo with Emanuela Ferrari) 2011

Topics of lessons: Why make a CD? - Objective – Aspects of the production – How to go through a work committed  - Technical gear – indoor/outdoor recording -  artistic production – Choosing right music and musicians (aspects, results, etc.), studio working (editing, mix, mastering, etc.) – sound equipment (microphones, cables, and so on),  composing, arrangements

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