Judith Lengkeek

Judith Lengkeek has a background in Arts and Culture. She finished her studies with a thesis about innovation dynamics in which stories played an important part. After her studies she worked in the educational field and could practice a lot with both telling stories and working with them concerning themes like identity, ethics, friendship. In 2004 she went to the Rietveld Art Academy where she improved her skills in performing and making videostories. In her work, she choses her images carefully so they can work as metaphors.

* How to use stories in biographical counselling? Besides telling the tales, they offer many other possibilities to enlarge our vocabulary to deal with those issues. You can choose different per-spectives, expand images that are used, or write letters to characters to explore your own wis-dom in handling a difficult situation.
* How to combine bodywork and storytelling? If you don’t know how to alter your story, listen to your body and it will tell! Often tiny little gestures can make a huge difference.

The last few years Judith focussed on coaching with stories and image and started her own com-pany in Storytelling and Conceptdevelopment, www.vertevertelling.nl

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