Barbara Lok

Barbara Lok: coming from a family very involved in musici t is no surprise she specialised in that. As a teener she was involved in a musictheater-company. Being 19 she studied music at the conservatoria of Zwolle and Hilversum. During her study she got famous in Germany as part of a girl-group. After her study she started teaching at local music schools. And she became backing vocal for the well known Willeke Alberti, and is that now for already 20 years. In 2003 she was part of the selections of the National Songfestival of The Netherlands  and in 2005 she was part of the finale of that songfestival. At the moment she is teacher at the conservatorium of Zwolle, besides that she is doing a good number of vocal workshops. She is directing several pop-choirs and still performing as backing vocal of other artists. In 2012 her second CD was launched.  Today she has her own minitheater, called ‘Podium Lokaal’. Many artists like to perform there, and Barbara being the host.

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