Eva-Maria Admiral

Why do I want to teach in the International roam:

From Eva-Maria Admiral, actress teaching acting, master in this area

I am an actress now for 20 years I worked for the national theatre for ten years and I am an freelancer for the last ten years. I do  my own  theatre since five years as a freelancer. I’m doing my own projects since the last five years to bring  art into the theatre world. The reason, I want to teach at the international roam is because I feel a strong sense about getting together with other  artists and people who work in the arts and to equip new students with the skills they would need  in the arts. Until now I’ve only worked in the German speaking world that is the Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I didn’t work in the international roam because it was too hard to organise anything internationally. I think it would be a great privilege to get to know also other  artists from around the world. The idea of working internationally seems very rewarding since you can broaden your  world view and get an idea of how other artists work all over the world. I especially feel intrigued   about getting to know the International actors since they play a leading  part of  shaping the theatre world.
I have felt called to take the performing arts as an ministry and the way to serve respect and the Art.
My background enables me to understand and encourage those in the arts and the media. I presume that  working for the European international roam for culture and arts is a work with the global reach working in the arts cross- cultural, beyond  social or national barriers. The work of this school could be instrumental in the formation of  groups working among the arts all over the world. I would like to participate to help to develop the cross cultural network whereby s and the arts and the media can also support, exchange concept and program ideas. 
This could help to bring the Art in the world and the arts, media and entertainment. It also  could help to built a two-way bridge between the Artist an d the arts , in its way teaching those working and studying in the arts. In the return direction this  will serve the way in the Art  to the crucial importance of the arts and help it harness these talents but in its own ranks.
So the arts is equipped  to be subversive to a world culture recognizing the enormous power of arts to covertly influence, shape and effect opinions  and ideas on a  massive scale.
To me it is very  important to encourage artists in the way of combining their  life with their art and nurture them as  artists.  I also would like to   engage with students making critical decisions  about their futures.
Pressures  on   artists can be intense.
People who are suspicious of  the arts are frequently the same as those who cry out against the moral decline in film, television and the theatre. For many , young people the result is a destructive inner conflict which gives way to a separation of their work and their life. So its very important to also equip the artists for solving this  dilemma. 

CURRICULUM  VITAE  ;3-term study at the Sorbonne university of Paris.4 years of actors training at the Max Reinhardt School for Performing  Arts   in Vienna,

A FEW OF THE ROLES  played so far:

Vienna Festival / Messepalast: Donauwellen by F.Kortner (Grete)

since 1989 under contract with the National Theater of Vienna(Burg Theater):

20 different roles e.g.:
Kleinbürgerhochzeit by B. Brecht (Ina)
Totenauberg by E. Jelinek (elegant lady)
Sonnenuntergang by I.Babel (Klascha), guest player at the Berlin Schiller Theater; etc.

Salzburg  Festival:
Schwierige  by H. Hofmannsthal (Huberta), filmed for TV

Scenes from Liebelei by A.Schnitzler (Mizi)

Summer Festival Castle of Porcia:
A Midsummer Nights Dream by W. Shakespeare (Hermia)
Florentinerhat by E.Labiche (Virginie)
Verschwender by F.Raimund  (Rosa)

Award for the female newcomer of the year 1989

Demo-video  available!

Available: a special director theater course

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