Desiree van Drongelen

From the age of eleven, Desiree followed an intensive dance education at the Royal Conservatory of dance in The Hague (Netherlands). At the age of 16 she entered the Bachelors Degree Course, which consists Classical Ballet, Modern, Classical and Contemporary Repertoire, Pointes, Pas de Deux, Variations, Coaching and Pilates Training. She completed her Bachelors Degree successfully in 1994, after a 8 month course at the Rotterdam Dance Group (today called Dance Works Rotterdam). Between 1994 and 1996, Desiree worked as a dancer, singer and actress for the Dutch Joop van den Ende Theater production ‘Phantom of the Opera’ (Adrew Loyd Webber). In 1995 Desriee started to teach Classical Ballet and Modern to amateurs and professional dancers. After being a guest teacher and choreographer with Christian Dance Company, she committed to the Company as a principal dancer, teacher, choreographer and assistant leader in 1997. Since 2004 she is the Artistic Leader of Christian Dance Company and is still active as a principal dancer, teacher and choreographer for amateur students and professional dancers.

In 1990 Desiree received a talent award from the ‘Stage Arts Foundation’. This award made it possible for her to attend at the Ballet Master Classes in Glasgow (Europe’s Cultural Capital of the year 1990).

During her study and professional dance career, she had the privilege of working with great teachers, choreographers, repetitors and artist like Marian Sarstädt, Ivan Kramar, Armando Navarro, Hanna Samson, Tom Bosma, Ton Simons, Philip Taylor, Käthy Gasschalk, Rick Kam, Hans van Manen, Matts Ek, Gerard Lemaitre, Martin Michel, Cora van Drongelen, Marlou van Essen, Adrian Snell, J.E. Johanson and Luca Centa.

As a dancer, teacher, choreographer and Artistic Leader of Christian Dance Company she has performed and worked with organizations; Opwekking Foundation, Flevo Festival, Christian Artists, Ruach CCS, Mimeistry NL, David Multie Festival, Barcelona, Vision for Israel, Cornerstone Foundation, BalletMagnificat! And many other organizations and churches in The Netherlands, Europe and America.

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