AnLo Piquet

For Public Speaking

AnLo is passionate about helping people discover and develop an authentic public speaking style. While she leads communication workshops across a great variety of business areas, she designs tailor-made training programs. AnLo also offers workshops on assertiveness and well-being at the workplace, stress management and meeting facilitation.

Another passion of hers is audio-visual arts and drama. AnLo obtained an acting diploma from the renowned International School of Mimodrame of Paris, Marcel Marceau. She performs as an actress for French Television (Gulli:, doesvoice-overs (
and broadcasts on In her free time, AnLo writes her own screenplays and performs all over the world (

Actors are communicators; they have to convey clearly defined messages, both verbally and non-verbally. AnLo makes ample use of drama techniques to master the voice, appropriate breathing and gestures as well as to harness the power of silence.
It is always fascinating when this creativity meets the business world to engender passion, pleasure and ease.

For Mime

As a child, AnLo practices classical and jazz dance, clowning, music, drawing…and falls in love with mime and graduates in Marceau International Mime School. From now on, at the age of 24 (in 2004), she lives as a professional artist.
First in an international mime in an acrobatic company,
“Monsieur et Madame O” during 2 years and travels all over the world performing.
She also starts writing drama, directing and leading a business theater company, performing all over France in big firms.
She enters in 2006 La Compagnie du Mystère Bouffe,
specialized in Commedia Dell’Arte (theater with masks, mime, singing, fencing, dancing…). She also studies and graduates in Voice-over and starts working very quickly and successfully in her own built Voice business. In 2009 she becomes the official “Canal J” female voice, a famous cartoon channel on French TV.
Teaching Theater and Mime is a pleasure in whatever context; she gave drama lessons for adults, for children, Christian or not, and even in Parisian suburban difficult areas for teenagers during 3 years: a great experience !

In the christian small French world, AnLo was known as
an actress/mime/singer in the Compagnie Des Actes, a missionary drama company very active all over French speaking countries performing 40 times/a year: shows, masterclasses, drama writing, evangelism during 5 years.

Since 2007 she presents a weekly TV show, Ze Mag, visible on the web,, and on satellite in more than 70 countries. She invites, interviews and promotes Christian artists.
Since October 2010 she directs monthly theater shows about Christian values for children. She also writes a column in a Christian magazine for women.

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