Ernesto Arrendell

Ernesto Enrique Arrendell was born in Aruba , After some wandering, he came up in 1976 in the Netherlands. Here he got the opportunity to develop his passion for music. He fancied himself as a child in a candy store and in no time his room was filled with all kinds of musical instruments. Ernesto established himself by listening and watching many percussionists. In his own band and as guest percussionist he gave the rhythm section an extra color.

The feeling grew to be creative in his own way to fill in music. Since the late 1980’s he developed his own performances in which he mentions sound stories. The last twenty years, Ernesto performs his sound stories in theatres and schools in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, China and the Dutch Antilles.

These performances are often inspired by nature such as: The creation of the world, A day in the tropical rainforest, The dream of a Clockmaker, The Wetlands, From Pole to Pole, The Trans-Siberian Express, Universe, Ocean Dream, Water Music and Stock-Still.
His latest project 2010-2011 was with Hans Visser (Flairck, bassgitar) and Irena Fillipova (Russian, accodeonist) in World Photo Concert. In 2012-2014 Ernesto has performed in theaters KALIBASHA together with Zoumana Diarra (Mali) e.a.

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