Manfred Grabolle

With 9 years Private music lessons on the accordion
10 Youth orchestra in the first Harmonica Club Bayreuth
12 Private music lessons on clarinet
14 first Music Trio (Upper Franconia Echo)
15/16 Big Band and Concert Band
17/18  Latin Rock Band
20 ZZ Top - Cover Band (Starnberg) / various entertainment and music gigs musician for bands / bands in Upper Franconia.
1989 Establishment of pop-rock cover band "Peppermint"
1991 Joining the band "Overdrive" - %u200B%u200BAn 8-man band for the "boiler" the Erlanger Bergkirchweih
1995 freelance music teacher
1997 Initiative, development and management of the school of music Berneck eV for 7 years
in German-speaking presenters and endorser for French noble accordions of Cavagnolo (Lyon)
1999 Establishment of the music duo Bolle and treasure / songs, songs, songs
diploma "certified music teacher"
2000 Joining the Rock Oldies Band "Silhouettes"
Conductor of the Musikverein Thurnau v. 1905 eV
2001 Guest musicians on numerous CD productions
2003 Music teacher at the Jacob Ellrod-Realschule Gefrees - further activities as a music teacher in elementary and secondary schools
for the training of head Bläserklassen (Yamaha seminars in Fulda)
2004 Anam Cara - Irish and Celtic music
various concerts as a sound artist with his own compositions / guest musicians / temporary chapel
Bolle Piton - Accordion - Solo CD Here you can read a review
2004/2005 Lecturer MIDIfied musical instruments at the European Academy of Christian Arts (Holland)
2007 Deputy. District Chairman of the North German Bavarian music (Kulmbach) D1 auditor / junior accountant
and CEO of the Kulmbach music clubs for the Nordb. Music federal
2008 Final state-recognized conductor of brass bands in music lay
the foundation helper "Gerchlas Drubbn" - orignal Frankish brass

Artist Recognition for Bolle and treasure 
pianist at the Monika Kober - Band - Jazz / cabaret
semester 2009 Student for teaching secondary school at the University of Bayreuth
2010 Together with Andreas Hein I work as an instructor and conductor of the Youth Orchestra Berneck (JBO)
July 2010 JBO is the cultural award for the district of Bayreuth
February 2011 Successful completion of the first State Examination in Education (UNI Bayreuth)
2012 Management and establishment of a new Bläserklasse in Gefrees - A collaboration of junior high school, middle school and music school
WS 2012 Lecturer in Clarinet at the University of Bayreuth (Collegium Musicum)
Spring 2013 Participation as a musician at the court theater - Qty: Shockheaded Peter

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