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The new Christian Artists  Seminar & ARTS Festival July 31st thru August 6th, 2023

After 11 years in Bad Leonfelden we celebrated “ArtCross 2.0” in Marchtrenk, Austria! A Christian Arts Seminar&Festival right on the Market Place in the luxury venue of “Trenks” et al.

A week of 16 professional workshops embedded in an extraordinary program which resembled a Wedding Banquet where Art & Creativity “bended the tables”! It was a splendid time spiritually, emotionally, socially and professionally – happening in a small, but key town in the heart of Upper Austria. 

Rory A. Stephen built a TV studio producing a show&podcast with his workshop students – documenting the fulminant week. Find everything on our youtube channel; start with the founder of Christian Artists Leen La Riviere:

We also had a workshop of Livestream.Camera producing the footage you see on our channel too! Thanks to Georg Schuster & his students &
Drums – Lukas Böhm
Singing Basic –  Marion Traun
Recording Musik – Martin Moro
Acting – Doro Frauenlob
Physical Comedy – Klaus Kreischer
Directing – Martin Nowak
Dance Improvisation – Franziska Scherner
Movement in Worship for Ladies – Gosia Reichenecker
Storytelling Voice Training Recitation Speech – Eric Wehrlin
SandArt (sand painitng) – Frank Bigler
Sculpturing – Sibylle Burrer
Calligraphy – Günther Matern
Arts Therapy – Hella Hagspiel-Keller
Body Love (for ladies only) –  Eva-Maria Admiral

The “ArtCross Band” was led by Johannes Diem (keys), Michael Potts (keys), Mike Schlackl (guitars), Martin Moro (base), Lukas Böhm (drums), Torsten Harder (Cello), voices: Carola Caye, Marion Traun

Some jewels of the program on stage: calligraphy multimedia performance, theatre, music jam sessions, lectures on Faith and Art, testimonies, interviews, jazz worship and a Kids musical “David & Goliath” directed by Katarina Kledtke